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Chemo Pharmacy Spill Kit Video & Learning Objectives

List the 4 steps for properly cleaning up a hazardous drug spill. Discuss what must be available, according to USP Chapter <800>, in all areas where hazardous drugs are handled. Explain the purpose of each step of the HD clean up process and what each does.

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Chemo Test Video & Learning Objectives

Explain which USP chapter dictates how hazardous drugs are handled. Discuss the types of PPE worn during hazardous drug handling and the differences from non-hazardous drug handling. Explain the purpose of validating the technique of operators for handling hazardous drugs.

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Course: Chemo Test

QT Micro Video & Learning Objectives

Explain the purpose of a method suitability and why it’s important for properly performing a sterility test. List the two types of USP <71> sterility tests. Discuss the types of liquids that can and cannot be filtered using a membrane filtration sterility test.

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Course: QT Micro

Important Changes to USP <797> Video

With the 2019 USP <797> revisions came some very important changes. This video series highlights some of the changes so you’re able to be compliant come December 1, 2019.

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Bubble Point Filter Integrity Test Video & Learning Objectives

List 3 ways to sterilize a compounded preparation. Explain the difference between a terminal sterilization and sterilization by filtration. List the two nominal pore size filters used for sterilizing compounded preparations. Discuss the purpose of a filter integrity test and list which one is demonstrated in this lesson.

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TuffTest 2 Video & Learning Objectives

Discuss what a method suitability is and why it is necessary for performing a sterility test. List the two types of USP <71> sterility tests. Explain the differences between membrane filtration and direct inoculation.

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Course: TuffTest 2

GroMed Video & Learning Objectives

Discuss the purpose and importance of a media fill simulation. List the conditions under which media fills must be performed. State the incubation requirement per USP <797>. Define the term turbidity. Explain the significance of first air and the importance for not blocking.

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EnviroTest Video & Learning Objectives

Explain the importance of EM program. List the types of EM methods. Discuss the temperatures and incubation periods for various microorganisms. Discuss Alert and Action levels for each area of cleanroom environment. Explain the major change with the <797> revision in terms of surface sampling.

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One Change That’s Easy to Miss

The USP <797> changes have some very important revisions which I detail in this video series on MyPharmacyEducation.com. Here’s one change that is easy to look over if you’re not looking closely; relating to the types of wipes you need to use when cleaning the PEC: (video) I came across a post this week on … Read more

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