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Chemo Test [VIDEO]

Chemo Test Learning Objectives: Explain which USP chapter dictates how hazardous drugs are handled Discuss the types of PPE worn during hazardous drug handling and the


QT Mircor Learning Objectives: Explain the purpose of a method suitability and why it’s important for properly performing a sterility test List the two types of

TuffTest 2 [VIDEO + QUIZ]

TuffTest 2 Learning Objectives: Discuss what a method suitability is and why it is necessary for performing a sterility test List the two types of USP

Filter Integrity Test [VIDEO + QUIZ]

Filter Integrity Test Learning Objectives: List 3 ways to sterilize a compounded preparation Explain the difference between a terminal sterilization and sterilization by filtration List the

Important Changes to USP <797> [VIDEO]

With the 2019 USP <797> revisions came some very important changes. This video series highlights some of the changes so you're able to be compliant come December

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